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(Note:  we are currently reworking this training process to be able to offer the Wiley certification to our participants.  This page will be changing shortly!)

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What’s DISC and where did it come from?

The DISC Model of Behavior was originally theorized by William Moulton Marston and described in his book, The Emotions of Normal People, published in 1928.

But Marston never created a practical way to measure the four dimensions of behavior he described.  That task was accomplished by John Geier and others in the late 1950s.  The result of that work was a graphical description of a person’s behavior on the four scales and is now known as DiSC Classic – available in both online and paper assessments.

Nearly 40 years later we now have the Everything DiSC suite of products, published by John Wiley & Sons, presenting DiSC in an easy to understand map resulting from an online assessment using adaptive testing… the third generation of DISC and most reliable DISC assessments ever.

As a practitioner, you can successfully present DiSC in a variety of applications using state of the art facilitation kits published by John Wiley & Son with no special training required.  But many want to go deeper and build a foundation of understanding which allows them to drive the DiSC model throughout their organizations and truly unleash its power.  If you are one of the latter, our certification program is for you.  And, as you will see, it is a truly robust process at a very affordable price.


The Great Connection

Once your registration is processed, you will receive an email message welcoming you to the program and outlining the pre-work you will complete prior to attending the two-day classroom training.  A packet sent via Priority Mail will contain two DiSC Classic profiles and a copy of the book The Great Connection.

During the weeks leading up to your classroom experience–as part of your pre-work–you will be engaged with an online portal called MyEverythingDiSC.com and a DiSC Foundations quiz to ground you in the basics of the DISC model; complete a number of online DiSC profiles for yourself which will be used in the classroom training ; administer the paper DiSC profiles to two people of your choice and read the book.  All of this is designed to give you a strong foundation in DiSC and to experience first hand the power of self-discovery without the guidance of a facilitator.

Classroom Day One – Foundations: 

DISC Certification ClassTo make sure you completely understand the basic DISC model, you will experience a number of exercises using the DiSC Classic facilitation materials.  A secondary purpose is to expand your tool kit and demonstrate the power of DiSC in both paper and online versions as there may be times when DiSC Classic is the right tool for the job.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your pre-work experiences with administrating the paper instrument to others.

And then we move into the third generation of DiSC using the Everything DiSC Workplace profile.  This will give you an even greater understanding of how DiSC can improve workplace culture.

At the end of the day you will be tested on your knowledge of the DISC Model.  We then take a look at the evolution of DISC  or, “How My Graph Became aDISC Certification Class Dot”, to set the stage for Day Two where we explore a variety of applications using the latest generation of DISC as expressed in the circumplex model and adaptive testing.  Be prepared to spend a little time in the evening reviewing the additional resources you receive.  For example, you will dig into the Everything DiSC Manual to learn more about the DiSC Model and its current application.

Classroom Day Two – Applications: 

Put on your participant hat and experience three more of the latest Everything DiSC programs.  You will see how DISC has evolved and how the current facilitation kits use the best practices in adult learning.

Additional opportunities to “test” your knowledge will prove you to be a DISC Genius.  A guided review of each of the application kits will help you decide how you can best use DISC in your organization.



A certificate is not awarded until you have demonstrated successful application of the DISC Model is two ways.  First, you will have credits placed in your EPIC account in order to administer an Everything DiSC profile to a person of your choice and then create a comparison report between the two of you.  Notes from your discussion will be sent to our office.

Next, you will conduct a workshop using DISC profiles of your choice (paper or online) and allow us to evaluate your performance.  You may use one of the facilitation kits previewed in your training or develop your own program using the free resources we provide. You will send us the names and email addresses of your participants and we will send a link to an online assessment which will result in a report of your facilitation skills and your positioning of the DISC model.  The report will be evaluated and sent to you along with your certificate.

 Ongoing Support: 

The applications of the DISC Model are many.  Even our extensive certification process will not answer all of your questions as you take DISC deeper into your organization.  We will continue to be available to you.  As a beginning, we provide you with a flash drive containing almost 4 GB of resources to continue your learning.  Regular webinars are provided to help you become a master of the Epic System to deliver DISC assessments electronically.

You will leave the classroom with a number of books related to DiSC.   You will receive notices of updates to DISC programs.  As seats are available, you can attend future DISC Certification classes at a nominal fee as a refresher.  And, telephone and email support are always available to help you make the most of your training.

(DiSC products used in our training are purchased from John Wiley & Sons.  If you wish to receive DiSC training directly from Wiley, please contact us for details)

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