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AiA Classic (originally known as Adventures in Attitudes), is the original emotional intelligence (EQ) program. For a fraction of the cost of other EQ programs out there, AiA Classic helps people learn to manage their emotions, to develop greater understanding, empathy and flexibility skills at work and in life.  AiA facilitates the discovery of powerful principals that are timeless that affect our success regardless of our work or technical skill set.  Developed in 1957 it still changes peoples lives by helping them control their emotions and their thoughts.

DSCN5261AiA Classic is a seminar in communication and interpersonal problem solving with nearly universal appeal.  It builds individual and group effectiveness by concentrating on the powerful effects created by our underlying (and often ignored) attitudes about ourselves and the world around us.  In a non-threatening environment, AiA Classic probes these attitudes and examines their far-reaching effects.  It presents alternate attititudes and skills that will help overcome barriers to performance…increase productivity…help make personal satisfaction deeper and more lasting.

AiA Classic teaches employees that how they respond to people and events AiA3around them is ALWAYS their choice.The program is a complete interpersonal skills development course built on 20 ninety-minute modules which can be delivered in a variety of formats: over the course of 10 weeks or over a year with application assigments between sessions; or it can be delivered all at once in three, four or even five day formats for an intensive team building experience. It is a powerful program that has been life changing for many who have experienced it.

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The Seven Great Attitudes

DSCN5462AiA Classic explores and builds the Seven Great Attitudes that are key to personal and organizational success

  • Understanding: A major complaint in relationships – he/she doesn’t understand me.
  • Anticipation: This attitude defines planning, organizing and establishing goals. People who lackThing these abilities are like ships without courses.
  • Expectations: Numerous studies have indicated that people will act just about the way they are expected to act. Successful people are those who have positive expectations of those they rely on.
  • Confidence: Self-confidence is the quality of the professional. It is only achieved by complete job knowledge and interpersonal skills acquired through training and practice.
  • Patience: Patience dilutes tension, one of the primary obstacles to diffusing conflict.
  • Humility: Humility is the practice of making the other person feel important. Team members become productive because those around them make them feel important.
  • DSCN3842Belief: Believing in a product, service, cause, or job is a requirement for an individual to become motivated. The team member having belief provides sincerity and enthusiasm to those around them. Such attitudes and emotions are contagious; they motivate others to achieve greatness.

Participant Driven

AiA5Unlike traditional training events, AiA Classic is almost totally participant-driven.  The facilitator coordinates the process but the learning comes from the participants as they travel together through 74 projects of self-discovery.  Rotating table leaders facilitate and provide a one minute summary to the large group.


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Experiential Brochure

Throughout our 30 years of working with teams, Adventures in Attitudes, nowDSCN5183 AiA Classic, has proven to be the most effective tool we have to help team members understand their personal responsibility in the performance of their team. Because of the uniqueness of this program, we rely on an experiential brochure to help you understand what it is and to evaluate it for your organization – we invite internal trainers and consultants to experience the program for themselves and attend the optional train-the-trainer session. But even that is a major decision for time-crunched organizations in today’s world. You probably need more information!

Hear From the Author – Bob Conklin

Bob is gone, but his legacy lives on in AiA Classic.  Browse one of his tape messages used in the original program, and now a part of AiA Classic.

A Program With Timeless Application

Perhaps listening to the experience of a participant of our first program (conducted in 1985) will help you understand the power of Adventures in Attitudes, now AiA Classic, and why it has celebrated a 50th anniversary and over 5 million graduates around the world..

Paula Davenport is currently the director of a human service agency called Keystone Family Support Associates in Harrisburg Pa. In 1985 she was one of twelve people coming together as a new management team for a younger Keystone Residences, Inc. Listen to her report of this first experience.


The effect it had on her personally is a testimony to the staying power of Adventures in Attitudes over the years.

Paula is now in a leadership position and is returning to Adventures in Attitudes to build her team.

We have been using Adventures in Attitudes in a modular format – usually 10 sessions spaced about one month apart in order to build in application assignments. Paula explains her decision to start with a three-day version and later try our modular approach.

We invite you to experience the power of Adventures in Attitudes. Ask about our three-day experiential brochure and consider conducting a pilot program in your organization to see the results first-hand.  Contact Susan Stamm by email ( or phone (800/864-4911) to discuss the variety of options we offer to help you evaluate the program and to install it in your organization.